3D Tropical Sunsets Screen Saver

3D Tropical Sunsets Screen Saver 1.0

3D Tropical Sunsets Screen Saver will carry you to a relaxing sunset on the sea
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3D Tropical Sunsets Screen Saver will transport you into the wonderful virtual seaside that gives you full relaxing and rest. Realistic graphic is being accompanied with natural sound of the sea and screaming birds. Animated water-waves and flying seagulls are looking like a true-life movie.

Watch a natural sunset on background moving clouds and alive sea on your desktop. This amazing screen saver displays a beautiful sea sunset image, which is differently repainted and animated by means of original technologies. All moving objects are rendered in real time.

3D Tropical Screen Saver lets you to control some cool features like: the resolution and color depth on the screen on video settings; duration of the day period between morning and evening or day and night, in the scene settings; sounds, clouds, seagulls, boats, etc., on other settings.

Upgrading to premium version, you will get 3 tropical island scenes, one featuring
a resort that lights up at sunset, Iridescent Colors that fill the seascape, more ocean waves and realistic sounds, billowing clouds and much more.

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